My friends in Twisp, WA had a nesting partnership with what I think is a western flycatcher, and they think is a Peewee.  I’m right of course, but happily peewees and flycatchers are related so we’re good. 😉

They sent me a photo of Baby Pee Wee as she grows and grows, her pin feathers turning to flying gear.  In the meantime, she bides her time.  The picture was sort of captivating in the way phone photos often are: colors a bit off, low light challenged…and I liked the sort of “offness” of it.

So here’s a snap of what the photos turned into in my sketchbook–I’ve posted on one on my website (in New), and one here.  I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of Pee Wee even after she takes off for the big world.

Peewee baby in her nest (sketchbook)