This past spring I finished my “pigment-a-day” project and learned a ton–plant pigments straight from the garden or all the gardens of the world are now part of my thinking about art…for me, there is no color from a tube that has the complexity and interest of plant pigments.  Oh, I know I know: but what about lightfastness, what about the elements and time and on and on.  Some things are controllable, some things aren’t.

So far it’s not a problem…I’ve been using encaustic as a sealant of sorts, though it also plays with the final piece in interesting ways.

Anywhoo–so then I discover India Flint (check out her awesome book here), an artist and writer on the other side of the world who has been for some time working with natural pigments in seriously interesting ways.  I’m in love.  And her work has re-invigorated how I think of this medium.  Gonna hang a sign outside my studio for a while: Don’t bother knockin….

India Flint, artist writer and natural wonder.