Communicating Your Art, offered in November at Pratt is all about…well, like the title says, how to  communicate your art in a very noisy world–using social channels like facebook, twitter, blogs, networks, friends, good old fashioned email.  What is a network, anyway?  Would you be surprised to find out you probably have a dozen or so?

We’ve got a good group building for this class but the more the merrier, for sure.  We’ll take a look at the history of getting the word out (how did Jesus spread the word about his dinner parties and such, anyway?) and how to make the most of the array of free tools out there, the same ones that overthrow governments and offer special deals.  It’s a DIY world!

We’ll look at what works and why, what doesn’t…and your own examples.  It’s a rowdy class, so get your excellent energy on!

Sign on here:

Pratt course: Communicating your art

Nov 13 + 20 (two sunday evenings, a great time to play around online!)

Let me know if you have questions–or just drop them in the comment box below.  This is gonna be fun, especially since Facebook will have gone through 472 different changes by then…at least.

See you soon!