Adele Eustis and I presented a well received show at Shift in December, 2011 entitled Time enough/revealed, more info here. In that installation, we explored themes of time, memory, process and slow art.

In July we are very pleased to present a new show entitled Bringing It Home–it’s going to light up your imagination.  We’d been working independently for the past several months and made a date to check in about a month or so ago…quite unexpectedly, we discovered we were both playing with the idea of Home–Adele’s new work, beautiful and haunting, is an intimate contemplation of nests, from formal renderings to sculptural forms that express a most personal relationship to nature.

My new work, also considering the theme of home, also rendered in the simplest, most intimate of media–paper and graphite–considers the natural relationships that occur around our homes.  A wordless graphic story, This Home We Share, follows the course of events over a single day in late winter, and is presented in accordion style spanning 25 feet.  The story is the first act in a planned three act wordless novel.

Both new bodies of work are intensely focused on subjects of continued interest: nature, urban wildlife, and our place in these unfolding relationships.

Artist reception: First Thursday, July 5 (the official first day of summer in Seattle) @ Shift Studio in Pioneer Square, 5-8pm.  I’m thinking you’ll enjoy this.