partial view of This Home We Share

Who knows how we get wrapped up in a project.  I mean really.  You do something, maybe you set a goal or you have a vision in your head, an idea.  You really want to see if you can do it, or what it will look like.

It’s this simple: I did this because I wanted to see if I could.

To see if I could tell a short story without words.  It turns your thinking around, makes you see things differently.  I also wanted to see if I could draw that many pages consecutively–it was hard.  A little harder than expected, especially the last five pages.  Drawing like that means sitting still for chunks of time, not my strong suit, to be honest.  But anyway, I like to see and feel what happens over time, especially doing a variation on one thing over time…even though it’s hard.

So this book.  A 25 foot long story.  This Home We Share.