I’m all about the Tashiro Kaplan building this coming First Thursday…and I’m thinking a lot of other people will be too.

First, there’s the annual 30 Day Art Challenge, which seemed like it had about a zillion artists involved when we dropped our work off.  Here’s what’s in it for you:  really.  I saw some really good stuff, and it all goes for $50.  All 8×10 canvasses–it could be overwhelming but what a way to go. (one of mine above, I took the opportunity to do something completely different for 30 days.  They’re all titled “Aerial View” with the day #.

Room 104 Gallery, TK Bldg–reception Dec 6.

Then there’s Room 104–this is a new gallery in the TK hood and the show is good.  Well, ok. I’m in it too, but the other work is worth making your way upstairs for–it’s right next to the Shift space, which is having its own first-ever sort of event.  Many of the artists will be in attendance, please do come by.

Jeff Curtis
Jeff Curtis Shift Collaborative Studio

And then last but not least, Ted Hiebert and I and the rest of the Shift crew are very pleased to present our first curated show, Shift in Perspective.  Three artists were selected from a healthy field of entries;  the work of Jeff Curtis, Jessica Kreutter, and Tyna Ontko seemed to cluster around ideas of the unexpected, the ordinary turned on its head, familiar in unfamiliar ways.

We are truly excited to present Shift in Perspective.  Stay tuned to the blog for more information…and for now, mark your calendar.  There will be a lot going on First Thursday where Washington and Third intersect.  See you there!