Energy!  It’s about energy! 

All my work lately seems to be focused on energy–a very nice theme for spring. A couple of the drawings for Release, opening at Shift April 4, are nearly 8ft long, although only one will likely make the cut.  These ink drawings push past the edges of definition and boundaries, exploring irruptive energy in nature–think murmurations, swarms, waves and storms. I found the hydrographic maps (from WWII), at Second Use in Seattle–a treasure house full of salvaged gems.  The maps are full of history, but like all maps, more suggestive of plans, command and control, than the true nature of things.

Sumi and acrylic inks, wax, water color, natural pigments on salvaged hydrographic maps from the 1940s.

Release by Cass Nevada

Artist Reception @ Shift Studio: April 4, 5-8pm (First Thursday Art Walk)
306 S. Washington, #105 in Pioneer Square
See you there!