Why did it blow my mind? After all, it was a cold, rainy First Thursday, the sort of chilly gray that doesn’t get people heading downtown in droves. But the turn-out was pretty healthy anyway, and here’s what made the show a success in my mind: people engaged with the work.

They stood close, stepped back, looked and looked for a long time. They moved slowly and came back to works for second and third looks. One woman said, your lines are heartbreaking, several said the main piece, a large drawing eight feet long, was stunning.

So why, beyond the obvious, was the response so profound for me? Because sometimes you have a feeling inside, an experience of the world, non-verbal, kinetic maybe, but true and personal, and to share that feeling, that experience…well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s an edgy spot to put yourself in. This body of work was, for me, like a poem offered to nature…and it seemed like a lot of people who saw the pieces “got it,” or got something that was personally affecting for them, it went somewhere in them. And that meant everything to me.

Thank you all who came out to see the show.

Release, works on paper by Cass Nevada
Shift Collaborative Studio
306 s. Washington #105
Fri/sat 12-5 or by appt.