Path with Art, a program for people in all kinds of recovery, rebuilding their lives, learning to share and work together, is a profoundly creative organization. I’m part of it, and am constantly inspired by the peeps who make it happen–teachers, organizers, students, helpers.

For me, the Path in PwA refers to the one that is in the process of being built, with each new program and each new event. The opportunity for all of us to explore together the creative space we share as humans is truly awe inspiring.

There’s a new show happening on July 11th–if you haven’t been to one of these, trust me, you’ll want to make time for this. It’s at Hugo House on Cap Hill and will involve poetry, music, readings and a huge dose of creative energy.

Hope to see you there! (Let me know if you have questions)
Hugo House
1634 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 322-7030

PwA Summer Creative Writing & Performance Showcase
Thursday, July 11, 6-7:30pm