My fab studio life: chip, chip, chip

Remember the SNL skits with Belushi as the greek short order cook with attitude: cheeburger, cheeburger, chip, no coke, pepsi.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot the past week cuz I’ve been chip, chip, chipping away at my schedule…as in slowly dismantling it.

C. Nevada, sketchbook page

C. Nevada, sketchbook page

It’s hard.  Or at least it is for me: not checking email, not checking FB, not being online first thing in the day.  And that resolution was tested when I got the bug everyone seems to have these days in Seattle.  I was just too sick to focus on much of anything….except facebook and email. Damn!

As anyone who has tried quitting or controlling anything at all knows, once you start chipping away, it feels like the jig is up, like you might as well just go ahead and do whatever it is you’re trying not to do. But I am undaunted: this week, I’m starting over, being all kind and what not with myself.  I’m here in the studio, and even online, but this journal counts as studio time, so it’s fair. I don’t have email or facebook, just this little post.

Some days this past week or so, I only did a page or two in my sketchbook.  Some days I read…reading counts.  I’ve got a lot of reading piled up, and while I enjoy it, I rarely give myself enough time for it.  What’s with that?  No, really, what’s the deal with giving myself time to slack on Facebook but reading?  Not so much.  I don’t get it, but I am getting familiar with it.

Anywho, a couple of thoughts from my reading this week; still pouring over the Manage Your Day to Day book mentioned in the last post. In discussing the problems with online distractions, the authors point to an experiment at Microsoft where working patterns were tracked for a two week period.  Not only did email significantly interrupt work and focus, those who frequently checked email

“also tended to use the break as a chance to cycle through a range of other applications, meaning another ten or fifteen minutes went by on average before they finally resumed their primary task.  Sometimes the diversion lasted hours.”

I sort of feel like they’ve got my number.

Studio time since last post:
Monday: 3
Tuesday: 1.5
Wednesday: 4 (!)
Thursday: 1.5
Friday: 2

12 hrs. t. Really, not terrible, and I did accomplish a few things…..


About Cass Nevada

artist, ,writer, cyclist, teacher, meditator and recycler. And veg head.
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5 Responses to My fab studio life: chip, chip, chip

  1. Hmmmm, well I m reading your post which is so true and inspiring and honest and real……as I am sitting at my desk in my therapy office with BIG PLANS to take advantage of the “no show” time I found I had available and read all the notes I took in the workshop[ I took last friday, you know, be responsible and professional and educated and right on the ball, but here I am reading your post! Which I always love. Was I suppose to wait until after dinner? 8 hours from now? Or next Saturday morning? I don’t know. Anyway, I’m done now. Bye 🙂 But keep them coming because I have a new studio waiting for me and big plans!!!( and all your posts help keep me on track,) for no computer in there. Just wax and the radio!

    • Cass Nevada says:

      Hey Amanda! Great to hear from you and excited for you with your new studio, that’s just so awesome. You’ll have to share some of what you’re up to once you get your mojo goin on. 😉

  2. Ginny Banks says:

    I hear ya sister! The trouble is I am addicted I think…Yikes!

  3. Cass Nevada says:

    Again, we have so so much in common, G. We should meet up to indulge in another addiction, caffeine, to share/compare this other addiction. Smart phones OFF.

  4. Ginny Banks says:

    I am so lame that I just saw your comment today and it is 5 days later! So, maybe I am just not good with this social media thing! I love your new art work and love the writing aspect and how you are incorporating. So, let’s have some coffee soon and chat! I am missing you and Elliott Bay!

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