My fabulous studio life: tune in

There was a point last week when I was so into what I was working on, that it took a lot to put it down for the day. Awesome. Good week.  Sure, Monday and Friday were rubbish–seems to be a pattern: slow to get in gear at the beginning of the week, sort of creatively pooped by the end of the week.  In the middle, though? pure gold. Can’t complain at all.

It's a three ring circus

It’s a three ring circus

I’m working on what I’ll cleverly call Project X which involves both visual and written components. It requires focus, a kind of focus that is really super duper impacted by being online.  On the other hand, when I first get to work, there’s this free-fall that is frankly uncomfortable. Ah, for the inane safety and focus of facebook– so easy, so consuming!  But I managed to get beyond it and all in all, last week was a good’n. So yay.

Here’s a quote I’ve been considering:

What I learned during my solo experience was that my thinking–my creativity and imagination–reached a new velocity as soon as I unplugged.  When you tune in to the moment, you begin to recognize the world around you and the true potential of your own mind.  –Scott Belsky

For the week, 20.5 good studio hours, not bad.



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