my fab studio life: busy bee!

So, really, bees are astonishingly busy.  Short lives, just six weeks, packed with construction, cleaning, tending, disinfecting, processing, yadda yadda.  Life in the hive. They only actually do the thing we see, flowers and foraging, in the last few days of their lives.

I could go on.  But I’ll stop. For now.  Bees will figure prominently in my future, however, and so you can expect evolving levels of obsessiveness in this first year of beelandia. It’s already started…beekeeping workshops, hive setup in the garden, getting things ready for the girls come April, lots and lots to do.  Bees, garden…it’s all coming together and I’m psyched.

i think there's a bee in here somewhere

i think there’s a bee in here somewhere

Alas, I stepped in my studio today and felt like a tourist. But I stayed a couple hours and only once was pulled back to hive tweaking and fiddling…damn embarrassing to see just how truly distractable one is. But I stayed, worked in my sketchbook, toyed around, and bottom line: determined to get back in the groove.  Gotta.  Cuz when it’s rainy and gray like this, only one thing gets my mind back in a healthy place and that’s making art.

And in fact, at the end of the day today, I feel a lot better about the world.  It really doesn’t take a lot.  Basically you just gotta show up.


About Cass Nevada

bird lover, runner, artist, urban farmer, teacher, writer, planner, meditator and recycler.
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One Response to my fab studio life: busy bee!

  1. Ginny Banks says:

    Love the drawing Cass! I want to get updates on those bees when they arrive! 🙂

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