The New new-bee

Every inspection of the hive at this point is something of a revelation.  I sort of have an idea what to expect, sort of don’t.  The big news this week about the hive that started way back four weeks ago is this: it’s all new.

That is, when I introduced the package of bees into the hive, the bees were from one place and the queen is from another–they weren’t related, didn’t know each other.  Happily, they all seemed to really dig the chemistry and ambitious building ensued quickly.

A worker bee lives about six weeks, the last part of that time spent outside the hive where we see her foraging. If you do the bee math, the majority of the bees in that initial group are now gone, and the hive is officially the Queen Bee’s DNA–her realm.  And the difference was palpable: the workers were more uniform in color, the drones were much bigger and visible, and Queenie herself seemed much more comfortable out walking amongst her bevy of bees. Last but not least, their personality is different from the package bees: they are feisty.  Plenty of feisty to go around.

Here’s a snap of a baby bee chewing her way out of the comb and into the world. You go girls!!

Baby bee chewing her way into the world

Baby bee chewing her way into the world



About Cass Nevada

bird lover, runner, artist, urban farmer, teacher, writer, planner, meditator and recycler.
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2 Responses to The New new-bee

  1. Ginny Banks says:

    Wow! That is so wild! I didn’t know anything about bees!

    • Cass Nevada says:

      i know…i’m learning, but yesterday it was totally weird and unexpected. Something was very different, VERY. And then I realized I was looking at essentially a new hive. new DNA. these girls are amazing.

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