A blog by any other name….

Today’s post covers a lot of ground. First, I’m renaming my blog because, well, the other day as I was heading into the house to make our bountiful garden dinner, I turned the doorknob and thought: uh-oh, my hands are a sticky mess.

it was an excellent day of art and bees and garden and color…

And I had to smile.  I’d done a hive inspection, which brought me into contact with propolis.  The girls are starting to seal things up in the hive with their bee-caulk.  It’s a gooey substance in warm weather and virtual bee cement in cold, filling in the tiny gaps and cracks in the hive to keep things nice and cozy. Propolis is also an amazing substance, check it out here. But it’s messy, to be sure.

And then there was the studio, the hours spent throwing down paint on a series of pieces I’m working on.  In other words, it was an excellent day of art and bees and garden and color, and I realized: this is my very lucky life.

There’s a local organization I’ve just learned about, Common Acre, that seems to understand the complex links between nature, bees, creativity and art ala Wendell Berry and others.  Those bees, that garden, the whole complex eco-system of our tiny urban farm feed my creative spirit in ways I can’t describe, but enjoy and appreciate every day.

So, here’s to the beautiful, creative mess that is nature!




About Cass Nevada

bird lover, runner, artist, urban farmer, teacher, writer, planner, meditator and recycler.
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