I survived PiBoIdMo


That’s Picture Book Idea Month, fyi. And I survived it with exactly 30 ideas for books. Ideas are idea, of course, and don’t transform themselves into anything and anyway, right now I’m really gyrating between words and pictures, so much so that both are losing. But that’s another…ahem, story.

Anyway, I did it, and some of the ideas are pretty swell so overall, yeah, that worked for me, Thanks Tara Lazar and PiBoIdMo crew!




About Cass Nevada

bird lover, runner, artist, urban farmer, teacher, writer, planner, meditator and recycler.
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2 Responses to I survived PiBoIdMo

  1. Ginny Banks says:

    Sounds totally fun Cass! I hope you share some of your ideas with me!!!!

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