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Spend all the money, eat all the food.
That is my first thought
When I wake up in the ICU
It’s dark, soft, quiet,
blinking digits and blips on an array of screens
hushed conversations in the adjacent window room.

They know I’m awake now in the ICU
Because I’m laughing
And I’m laughing because
First of all, I didn’t die and
second, well, okay then,
Spend all the money, eat all the food.




That still cracks me up. I mean, I just had a craniotomy and my first thought is Spend all the money, eat all the food? I love that.

After the surgery, it was difficult to write much, and drawing or painting was out of the question. For these posts, I’m using bits and pieces from my journals during the long process of healing. I’ll include pieces from the sketchbooks I filled in the months following the event to try to get my brain going again.