October 6, 2011

Pictures of Slow Art:

rice paper bundle with leaves and steel wire

several rice paper samples with leaves and steel fragment rust

bundle in the making–what it looks like before it becomes a tidy bundle of alchemy

July 15, 2011

The wrens outside my studio built a nest a month and a half ago; I think today is the day their chicks fledge.  This summer is slow–not slow like a Tennessee Williams character building steam, but slow as in reluctant.  The tomatoes are hesitant, the beans aren’t getting the honey-bee-love they want, the nights are still chilly. And even so, much is happening–quiet or raucous, urgent and tentative, a slow, steady, bursting onto the scene. Energy moves through us all and if we’re lucky, we can move with it, feel it, embrace it.

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