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In praise of chaos, naturally: Marla Spivak and Kevin Cox

When you see a house with a wide bright green lawn, maybe a white picket fence, and some kind of roundish tree plopped down in the middle, you are seeing an elegant expression of managerial control.  Little upkeep, chemically enhanced, … Continue reading

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OMG: bees. (my fab studio life continues)

I gave my studio a name about three years ago: Rancho Bee Haven.  We were consciously growing bee friendly gardens and of course, our early attempts at veggie cultivation, so: the name. But behind that, I longed to be a … Continue reading

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My fab studio life: two studios

Right now, I’m obsessed.  I haven’t been in the studio for days and I miss it, a lot, but right now, my energy is in the other studio: the garden. A long, long time ago, when I was in grad … Continue reading

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My fabulous studio life: tune in

When I first get to work, there’s this free-fall that is frankly uncomfortable. Ah, for the inane safety and focus of facebook– so easy, so consuming! Continue reading

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My fab studio life: chip, chip, chip

Remember the SNL skits with Belushi as the greek short order cook with attitude: cheeburger, cheeburger, chip, no coke, pepsi.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot the past week cuz I’ve been chip, chip, chipping away at my schedule…as … Continue reading

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Ex-Libris: the blue of distance

Siolo Thompson is curating a show entitled Ex-Libris: 100 artists, 100 books for the Association of Writers & Publishers conference to be held in Seattle in February.  Needless to say, I love the idea for this show. Each of the … Continue reading

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New show at Shift Collaborative, opening Apr 4: Release

I’ve been working with maps again, this time hydrology maps from the 1940s, most of them of Southeast Asia–Japan, Burma, the Philippines–places that might come in handy for planning a by-sea invasion, for example. But maps are interesting–so disconnected from … Continue reading

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Bringing it Home: Adele Eustis and Cass Nevada/ new work

Adele Eustis and I presented a well received show at Shift in December, 2011 entitled Time enough/revealed, more info here. In that installation, we explored themes of time, memory, process and slow art. In July we are very pleased to … Continue reading

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Interesting: a new old thing…

This excellent blog post on Save Snail Mail….it made me think of the seductive physicality of a sketchbook, filling it, splashing paint and ink, cutting and pasting, stamping, stenciling…the feel of the paper, the smell of ink and paint.  Very real, … Continue reading

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The Nature of Change, post #5: The Birds

C.D. Hillman made a mint selling clear-cut land to immigrants. What looked like a ravaged moonscape to us was a clear opportunity to others, and so it goes…. Continue reading

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