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A blog by any other name….

Today’s post covers a lot of ground. First, I’m renaming my blog because, well, the other day as I was heading into the house to make our bountiful garden dinner, I turned the doorknob and thought: uh-oh, my hands are … Continue reading

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The fine art of building a home…from a bee’s perspective

A top bar hive is a sort of ark or small coffin shaped structure with bars across the top and nothing inside…for a little while.  A very little while.  Because once you pour a hive of bees inside, watch out: … Continue reading

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OMG: bees. (my fab studio life continues)

I gave my studio a name about three years ago: Rancho Bee Haven.  We were consciously growing bee friendly gardens and of course, our early attempts at veggie cultivation, so: the name. But behind that, I longed to be a … Continue reading

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My fab studio life: two studios

Right now, I’m obsessed.  I haven’t been in the studio for days and I miss it, a lot, but right now, my energy is in the other studio: the garden. A long, long time ago, when I was in grad … Continue reading

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New show at Shift Collaborative, opening Apr 4: Release

I’ve been working with maps again, this time hydrology maps from the 1940s, most of them of Southeast Asia–Japan, Burma, the Philippines–places that might come in handy for planning a by-sea invasion, for example. But maps are interesting–so disconnected from … Continue reading

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Why do we do what we do (that voodoo)

Who knows how we get wrapped up in a project.  I mean really.  You do something, maybe you set a goal or you have a vision in your head, an idea.  You really want to see if you can do … Continue reading

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Our animal nature revisited

“Seeing too much of ourselves in other animals might not be the problem we think it is. Under appreciating our own animal natures may be the greater limitation.” That’s from this fine article in NYT Sunday by BARBARA NATTERSON-HOROWITZ and … Continue reading

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Slow Art & Alchemy

I was talking to a friend earlier this summer about how much I love the Slow Food movement, how important it is, a huge shift in consciousness to slow down and eat good, clean, small farm if possible, food. (The movement … Continue reading

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