Twice bound sketchbook workshop August 3-5

Betsy Barnum and I will be offering a new workshop in August, here at the BeeHaven Studio in West Seattle.  Last time we bound a single sketchbook–to skepticism and wonder–and delight with the finished project.

This time we’ll be offering the same with a twist: we’ll do two, two, two sketchbooks in one! First very simple one Friday evening, and then we’ll begin filling it Saturday.  We’ll make another very simple one and then have two to play with–having two different sketchbooks open invites all kinds of beautiful creativity, believe me.

Very simple book–Inside pages of recycled papers and scraps

As usual, we’ll do a little writing, a little talking and playing, lunch in the garden, big happy mess in the studio. Let us know if you’re interested in joining, this is going to be fun!

August 3-5

West Seattle BeeHaven Studio

10% off $210 for early sign up, all materials and gorgeous venue included