This Home We Share: artist book installation for Shift exhibit July, 2012

Cover, This Home We Share

I’m nearing completion on This Home We Share, an artist book comprised of hand drawn images telling–without words–a story about a home, three resident creatures, and a late winter afternoon.  It’ll be exhibited at Shift Collaborative Studio through the month of July, with a reception July 5th (First Thursday) so if you survive the 4th, I hope you’ll come on by.

Some stats on the book:

  • Actual length of pages: 25 feet long
  • Actual length with cover: probably about two feet longer
  • Weight including clamshell cover: 2.5 pounds
  • Number of pages with evidence of glue dripped during final process of adhering pages: Zero! (I am particularly proud of this stat)
  • Number of pages that were so ridiculous they made me laugh out loud and had to be ditched, even as deadline loomed: Four
  • Music most frequently preferred during drawing sessions: Banco de Gaia.

More Soon!

PS: the longest accordion book in the world was assembled on July 27, 2007 and clocked in at 1/2 mile long.  It spanned the Stone Arch Bridge across the Mississippi and more info can be found here.


About Cass Nevada

artist, ,writer, cyclist, teacher, meditator and recycler. And veg head.
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