Cover, This Home We Share

I’m nearing completion on This Home We Share, an artist book comprised of hand drawn images telling–without words–a story about a home, three resident creatures, and a late winter afternoon.  It’ll be exhibited at Shift Collaborative Studio through the month of July, with a reception July 5th (First Thursday) so if you survive the 4th, I hope you’ll come on by.

Some stats on the book:

  • Actual length of pages: 25 feet long
  • Actual length with cover: probably about two feet longer
  • Weight including clamshell cover: 2.5 pounds
  • Number of pages with evidence of glue dripped during final process of adhering pages: Zero! (I am particularly proud of this stat)
  • Number of pages that were so ridiculous they made me laugh out loud and had to be ditched, even as deadline loomed: Four
  • Music most frequently preferred during drawing sessions: Banco de Gaia.

More Soon!

PS: the longest accordion book in the world was assembled on July 27, 2007 and clocked in at 1/2 mile long.  It spanned the Stone Arch Bridge across the Mississippi and more info can be found here.